It’s All Gone!

Bushveld Afternoon #3920. Acrylic on canvas 148x60cm. R6200
Bushveld Afternoon       #3920.


Yes, It’s all gone.  Half this painting is gone, the sun is going, the birds have gone.

Things which were precious to me, like old songs with music you could hum after just hearing it once or twice, have gone, replaced by raucous noise which assaults your ear drums.

Table manners have gone.  It was common practice  to use a milk jug on the table, now it is a cardboard carton or plastic bottle.I still use a milk jug. I have seen a jam tin with a jagged lid on the table.
We sat at a table which was set with table cloth, napkins, a side plate and cutlery. People sat down to a meal, having first said grace.  There was much conversation during the meals and the family shared what had happened that day.
Communication has gone.  Cell phones have seen to that.

Respect has gone.  Children do not stand back for older people,  they seldom would give up their seat for a lady or elderly person.  Sadly, they do not even notice.

Many of our friends have gone.  Due to the country we live in our safety has gone and with it our freedom.  No longer can you stop on the side of the road when on a long trip and have your picnic, even changing a tyre is dangerous in places.

We won’t even talk about morals.  Old fashioned marriage may be, but when we go against age old traditions, then there is always something that suffers.  So many young people move in together, play at ‘being married’ and then split up to repeat the whole process over and over again.  In the end they possibly end up as lonely old people, they never made the commitment to each other, so the relationship floundered.

Common sense has gone.  A sad new generation with a wishbone, instead of a back bone. It was all too easy.

The hardest part of getting older is to accept the fact that is all gone.   The only thing that we have left is our memories.  No on can take those away. They will not be gone until we are also GONE!


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