Being an artist can be heart breaking.

At the pond #3980. Acrylic on stretched canvas. 62x46x4cm. R1950
At the pond #3980. Acrylic on stretched canvas.62x46x4cm  . R1950

Being an artist is quite risky. One puts your heart into painting those paintings, you make yourself so vulnerable and so often a snide remark can just crush you.   

I believe that you have to become pretty thick skinned to handle all the onslaughts of the public, but more serious, the onslaughts of fellow artists. There is nothing that can bring you into the depths of despair like being snubbed by fellow artists. 

One can forgive the public, because often they have their point of view and are entitled to it.
As a artist, you have to ask yourself.  “Is their opinion worth worrying about?”  Easier to handle,.  But folk who are in the business with you can really destroy your self worth.

Small things like displaying your art in the back room as though you are something that the cat brought in.  Allowing others to display many more paintings than were allowed in the rules, allowing paintings to be displayed which are way above the price allowed by the rules.  One just wonders.  Is it so hard to share a place in the sun with each other?. 

If you are considering becoming an artist, start now to develop a hide as thick as a Rhino.  You are going to need it.



    • lizmcqueen says:

      Hi Rich,
      Sometimes one can handle it better than others.. Why do we always have to compare ourselves with others and come up lacking. Your work is amazing. Thank you for your reply

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