How it all started

WA Coetzer. Sentinel Painted about 1948

How it all started:
When I was about 9 years old I came home from school one day to find our lounge filled with paintings.  On furniture, on the floor, paintings everywhere.
My mom had met this art dealer from up country and he had brought his wares to show her.
She had fallen in love with a WA Coetzer painting of the sentinel in the Drakensberg.  This painting cost 90 pounds.
A GREAT deal of money in those days.  At that stage our family consisted of 5 kids –  the other 2 arrived later.
We could see that this was a case of ‘love at first sight”  She really loved that painting, SO:  we emptied our piggy banks and the painting was acquired.  We had shares in it.

That was the start of our interest in art.  Since then, Mr Langton featured quite heavily in our lives.  Many times we would get back home to find that Mr Langton had been there.
He would leave the paintings over night and very often, my mom would purchase one.  So she made up her collection which she left to the Grand children when she died.

We never had to delve into our piggy banks again, but what she had done was to develop and interest and love for art in us all.  It was well worth the investment of our “savings”.
How did your interest start?



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