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A boy’s dream | dream

THE BIKE #3919 20x24cm
The Bike #3919
Acrylic. 20x25cm.

While I was exhibiting my art at our local Mall, one of the shop assistants, a young boy probably under 20 came in to browse.
He told me that he loved bicycles and had a dream that he would one day live in a big house and own a bike. He asked if I could paint a picture for him to look at every day.
The house had a big door and the bike stood outside, just waiting to be used.
I came up with this little one.

It is not often that young people realise that visualisation is so important in working towards your goals and dreams. I would not be surprised if he does achieve his dream one day. But in this country, would suggest that he works for the government instead. Huge salaries if you move up the ladder. Then he will get his big house. Probably will exchange the bike for a fancy car too.  Dreams with passion become possible.


Reflections News May

Reflections News May

An Invitation to Uplands Festival Opening
Friday night 27th May 2016 at 6pm. RSVP please

Join us for a glass of wine and some good art.
Below are a few examples of my new work.

#3901. Fruits of our labours. #3901. 92x61x4cm. Acrylic on canvas.
Fruits of our Labours #3901.Acrylic on canvas
92x61x4cm. R3500


Are you a REAL artist? Luann Udell:

It all boils down to this: I may not like you and I may not like your art. I may not like your medium,or your style. You may feel that you are successful or you may feel that you are not doing it right.

If you are doing your best to make your art,
If you have something to say with your art, even if it is only, “Look what I made!”
If you have a vision of the world and you share that.
If your work connects emotionally, spiritually, metaphysically with others, even with only ONE person, (notice I did not say physically, unless your medium is glue,)
If you strive, as you can, to make it better, to improve your skills, your marketing, your relationships with your audience. If all you do is make the world a better place, even for one person,
You and your art have a place in the world.
Then you are a ‘good enough’ artist for me.

#3878/9 Over Poppylation. Acrylic. 65x63cm each. R2200each
Over Population 1&2. Dyptych Acrylic 65x65cm each.

These can be either displayed as a Diptych or singly..
Poppies brighten up any day.

Forest-falls acrylic painting. #3899. R850. 30x45cm
Forest Falls. #3899. Acrylic on canvas. 30x45cm. R850

Two's Company. # 3893. oil on canvas

Two’s Company: #3893. Acrylic on canvas.

60x45cm. A scene I came across near Barberton.

Saint Cloud has found a new home with a special friend.

Saint Cloud
Saint Cloud.
Acrylic on canvas.

This is a really short News Letter as I know that there is so much to read on the PC. Uplands is our BIG EVENT of the year and I would very much appreciate it if you would pop in and browse. Of course if you live far away from White River,there is always the website to browse. or www.
Thank you for being such special people and for supporting me.
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Blue Sky Days

Blue, bl<ins datetime=

Have you ever looked up at the sky and wondered why it is SO BLUE?
The clouds are SO white, the air is SO clear. We do get those Blue Sky Days every now and then when there are no fires or dust in the air.
We spent a few days at Crystal Springs and it was one of those days. Of course I have a very special pair of cheap polarised sunglasses which emphasise this. Quite a disappointment when I
remove them and find it is pretty ordinary. But this day was not.
How do those tons of moisture stay suspended up there in the sky? I know there is a scientific answer, but I prefer to call it a miracle.
Do you find days like that awesome too?


Lizz’s Bizz: HAVE to versus WANT to:

How often in our lives the HAVE To takes preference over the WANT To?   These last few months have been particularly trying as it is the end of the year and books have to be brought up to date.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could just pay our way and never have to keep account of it all?. Just think how many forests would be saved..

My painting has unfortunately had to take a back seat, but now we are almost done and can get into it again. |

Have you ever lain awake at night, wishing that you could just go and put those ideas on to canvas, and then when you wake in the morning that enthusiasm has sort of dissolved?

This little oil painting of an Aloe has been sold, but it was such fun painting it.  So Watch this Space.

Aloe Vera oil painting, Flower. Oil on board 18x48cm.
Aloe Vera 3898. 18x48cm. 

Lizz’s Bizz: How to handle a drought my way.

At the moment we are in a severe drought situation in South Africa.  One sees doom and gloom and food and veg prices increasing astronomically.  It is quite hard to not get into the rut of complaining about it all, when there is little one can do to change it.

SO:  I have decided to paint a series of pictures depicting water and hopefully these paintings will bring some comfort and peace to those viewing them. 

This Diptych of a forest pool is available singly or together.
"Forest Pool 1&2"   acrylic,  30x40cm each R650 each or R1250 for the pair.#3895 and #3896.  

How would you cope with this situation?


Lizz’s Bizz. Murphy and all that

Once again Mr Murphy has had the last word. I was just getting my website sorted out and finding out how to copy and paste things all over the place when my renewal for my hosting became necessary.
With our horrendous exchange rate of R16+ to the dollar, it was just too pricey to continue with an American host for my site.

Fortunately, one can transfer your hosting and I did so, to a South African site which was much cheaper. BUT…and this is where Murphy stepped in again. The back up which my computer lady did for my site, disappeared into the ether. It had never happened to her before.

Well, now about 10 days later, I am a little sadder and wiser. I am learning all over again how to download, label and allocate my photos. I need to get my paintings ‘out there’, but it is becoming a huge task.

Still don’t know what Widgets are and how to use them. Do I need this at 76? Yes, I am heading for 104 so I guess I have time to learn. I so admire people like Georgie Moon who just publish daily and find all sort of interesting people and blogs to follow.

I think I will stick to painting. It’s what I do,and as I only started at 60, I have a lot to catch up on. This is close to where I live. Would you not also want to paint it?

Just Bushveld. #3712. Oil. 150x60cm. R5800

Check out more paintings on my almost sorted out website:


My Futile Blogging…….So glad it is over-

So glad it’s over.  I see that this is the last week-end.  Thank goodness.  I got stuck with Widgets, beat myself up these last two weeks that I am so far behind,  it gets worse each day.
I have filed all the ‘assignments’  and hopefully I will meet someone one day who understands it all.  I don’t even think I have had anyone reading my blogs……so what is it all about???

Acrylic on paper. mounted
What Now? Acrylic on paper,710x540cm. R950

Lizz’s Bizz: Music and the eldery

On Thursday afternoons I pack up my keyboard and take myself off to our local Frail Care Centre to make music for the oldies. When I get there, the ladies and a few gents are already seated in THEIR places…….and woe betide anyone who sits in the wrong place.

We set up the keyboard, greet everyone with a hug and a little chat and then we sing to anyone who has or is having a birthday that week.
We have been fortunate to have had special books printed with songs that we found the old folk remembered. Vera Lynn songs from the war time, the younger oldies, know songs from the shows, and the even younger ones, identify with Andrew Lloyd Webers music…Some of it..

We had a break over Christmas and this week I went again. I was shattered to see one lady who had been hale and hearty two weeks before Christmas was wheeled in in a wheel chair. This particular lady always looked as though she had stepped out of a magazine. At 96 she still dressed beautifully, hair always perfect and a lovely smile when you greeted her. She was quite lucid and could hold an intelligent conversation. A real gem.

It was such a shock to see her this week. Apparently she had fallen in her bedsitter a couple of times and now had to be moved into Frail Care proper. From a room with all her belongings and precious things, to a room no more than 2.5m x2.5m. containing a bed a straight chair a table and a cupboard. All this on the south side of the building with no sun and a view of another building. ZERO stimulation. What can they do except stare at the ceiling? SUCH a sadness to see someone regress like that.

The nurse aide seated her in her usual chair. She did not know why she was there or what she should do. Eventually we started singing. At first she was miles away, later I noticed the foot tapping and before the end of the sing-song she was joining in with the songs she knew. What a blessing it is to be able to share with them and love them.
It truly is a case of: “If music be the food of love…play on!”

Pick a Bunch #3849
                    Pick a Bunch #3849.                               Oil on board framed. 48x30cm.          Available


Lizz’s Bizz: A trip to foreign lands

Once upon a time there was a old lady who had an art exhibition in our local Mall. One of the paintings, portrayed a  market scene from a foreign land, or rather a SOUK for a better name.  The old lady had been given a photo of the local Souk  by her daughter who lived in Bahrain.  With a little artist’s licence, a very bright painting was created.

One day a lovely young lady came into the exhibition to look at a painting which her mother had seen a few days before.  As an artist, one is inclined to not take too much notice of the “I will be backs”.
BUT this young lady and her mom were of a special breed.  They belonged to the “We will really come back” group.  …  and they did.
Their wall was large and the painting was small, so what to do?
Always willing to be of assistance, the old lady went home and did the ‘Googling’ thing.

Such lovely photos of Souks all over the world.
One is transported to  exotic places, you can actually smell the spices and hear the sounds of very foreign languages.  The sight of the beautiful fabrics and woven carpets, the huge clay vessels which could hide an Ali Bhaba if necessary.  What a lovely commission to have to undertake.

To cut a long story short, here is a photo of the painting hanging in its rightful place.  – (or would have been if I had been able to copy and paste the photo my collector sent me).

Silk SoukHot sun, colourful fabrics, spicy smells and eastern music. A trip to foreign lands.
I can take you to most places on this planet by just painting the picture, no queues, no passports, no airport taxes, no airline food or people coughing in your face,  – at a fraction of the expense.  Travel with me.


Blogging as a Septuagenarian.

liz mcqueen art       It’s Never Too  Late to Start Painting OR Blogging.

    Who am I?   I am 75 years old.  Nearly 76  and counting – with little grey cells that are still functioning more or less well.
I am now what is referred to as a “Serious Artist” and love what I do. I live on a small farm outside White River- which is a small town close to the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

I started off qualifying as a pharmacist and enjoyed loving the customers , but the  hassles with medical aids became a nightmare and at the age of 60,  in 2000, I eventually threw in the towel and retired from the profession.

At this time, I happened to meet Estelle Hartley at the hairdressers and we got chatting.  When I asked her what she did, she said, “I teach art”. Never in all my 60 years had I ever considered doing ‘art’.  BUT, a little still small voice said, “DO IT!”.  To this day I am sure that it was a message from above, because I have been blessed out of my socks since starting my painting career.

After taking lessons from her for 6 years, she left the area and I was on my own.  By accident I ended up teaching a slightly disabled young man and it just grew from there.  So now I teach adults and learn from each lesson.

Living in a small town with no gallery and the public much more interested in sport, cycling, running, rugby etc. etc. etc. , there is not much interest in the cultural things.  So:  One’s next opportunity is to get out into the World Wide Web.  Hoping that there are collectors just waiting to snap up my masterpieces.  One can but hope, but with no line in the water, the chances of catching a fish is someone thwarted.

When I saw this “Blogging Course,  offered, I had to jump at it. Maybe my old brain will eventually understand the words, Tag, Meta, SEO and all the rest.  Quite a challenge.

I do believe that there is no such thing as co-incidence and my only regret is that I did not start this wonderful ‘ art-career” much earlier.  I really do now love my work and look forward to many more years to grow my passion.
I am very blessed to have the most amazing supportive husband to encourage me.  I feel that to start the year off with this challenge to be blogging can only be stimulating and hopefully produce fruit.

Thank you for getting this far. May we have a happy relationship and hopefully you will enjoy sharing my art.

                                HAT’S OFF!                                                                  Watercolor on paper, mounted