Author: lizmcqueen

When to throw in the towel.

There should be a law prohibiting 75 year-olds to try to make their own website. This little excercise has taken 10 years off my life. We are from a generation where being ‘gay’ was describing a joyful, full of life person. Not so today. The word ‘cool’ meant that you were not hot. Not so today. So forgive me if I do not understand Mega Tags and SEO and another hundred words of the same ilk.

BUT ….there is light at the end of the tunnel! I have met a very special girl, Sumarie, who has had endless patience with me and never complained when I changed my mind over and over.
What you now see on my website is thanks to her.

Let’s hope that this blog can at least be published, Then I have reached Step 2 – which is to be able to put photos of my paintings on the world wide web for all to see. Quite amazing this technology.
Do you also battle with this? If so let’s chat.