On  retiring from pharmacy in 2000 at the age of 60.  I happened to meet Estelle Hartley.  When I asked her what she did she said, "I teach art".  I had never ever considered art or painting, but a still small voice in my mind said,   "DO IT!". So to my surprise I said, "I think I would like to do that."

 Two weeks later I started the most exciting (apart from my marriage) adventure in my life. I maintain that that inner voice was a prompting from above and I am grateful.

Because of that I try to help and encourage "new" artists.  
I am also blessed to be able to bring joy to folk who view my art and have it hanging in their homes.  
I do teach as well and find that one learns so much from your students. Learning never stops.

I am blessed with a wonderful supportive husband, and 4 lovely children -  all far away with their families.  So there is much time to indulge in painting.

    Being a happy person, I find that I want to create paintings that portray this.  I love colour and nature -  This I want to share.

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