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Lizz’s Bizz: A trip to foreign lands

Once upon a time there was a old lady who had an art exhibition in our local Mall. One of the paintings, portrayed a  market scene from a foreign land, or rather a SOUK for a better name.  The old lady had been given a photo of the local Souk  by her daughter who lived in Bahrain.  With a little artist’s licence, a very bright painting was created.

One day a lovely young lady came into the exhibition to look at a painting which her mother had seen a few days before.  As an artist, one is inclined to not take too much notice of the “I will be backs”.
BUT this young lady and her mom were of a special breed.  They belonged to the “We will really come back” group.  …  and they did.
Their wall was large and the painting was small, so what to do?
Always willing to be of assistance, the old lady went home and did the ‘Googling’ thing.

Such lovely photos of Souks all over the world.
One is transported to  exotic places, you can actually smell the spices and hear the sounds of very foreign languages.  The sight of the beautiful fabrics and woven carpets, the huge clay vessels which could hide an Ali Bhaba if necessary.  What a lovely commission to have to undertake.

To cut a long story short, here is a photo of the painting hanging in its rightful place.  – (or would have been if I had been able to copy and paste the photo my collector sent me).

Silk SoukHot sun, colourful fabrics, spicy smells and eastern music. A trip to foreign lands.
I can take you to most places on this planet by just painting the picture, no queues, no passports, no airport taxes, no airline food or people coughing in your face,  – at a fraction of the expense.  Travel with me.