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Blogging as a Septuagenarian.

liz mcqueen art       It’s Never Too  Late to Start Painting OR Blogging.

    Who am I?   I am 75 years old.  Nearly 76  and counting – with little grey cells that are still functioning more or less well.
I am now what is referred to as a “Serious Artist” and love what I do. I live on a small farm outside White River- which is a small town close to the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

I started off qualifying as a pharmacist and enjoyed loving the customers , but the  hassles with medical aids became a nightmare and at the age of 60,  in 2000, I eventually threw in the towel and retired from the profession.

At this time, I happened to meet Estelle Hartley at the hairdressers and we got chatting.  When I asked her what she did, she said, “I teach art”. Never in all my 60 years had I ever considered doing ‘art’.  BUT, a little still small voice said, “DO IT!”.  To this day I am sure that it was a message from above, because I have been blessed out of my socks since starting my painting career.

After taking lessons from her for 6 years, she left the area and I was on my own.  By accident I ended up teaching a slightly disabled young man and it just grew from there.  So now I teach adults and learn from each lesson.

Living in a small town with no gallery and the public much more interested in sport, cycling, running, rugby etc. etc. etc. , there is not much interest in the cultural things.  So:  One’s next opportunity is to get out into the World Wide Web.  Hoping that there are collectors just waiting to snap up my masterpieces.  One can but hope, but with no line in the water, the chances of catching a fish is someone thwarted.

When I saw this “Blogging Course,  offered, I had to jump at it. Maybe my old brain will eventually understand the words, Tag, Meta, SEO and all the rest.  Quite a challenge.

I do believe that there is no such thing as co-incidence and my only regret is that I did not start this wonderful ‘ art-career” much earlier.  I really do now love my work and look forward to many more years to grow my passion.
I am very blessed to have the most amazing supportive husband to encourage me.  I feel that to start the year off with this challenge to be blogging can only be stimulating and hopefully produce fruit.

Thank you for getting this far. May we have a happy relationship and hopefully you will enjoy sharing my art.

                                HAT’S OFF!                                                                  Watercolor on paper, mounted